Science Days! Thursday 13th & Friday 14th June 2019

The school took part in two fantastic days of Science! Our theme this year was forces. We were lucky enough to be joined by two secondary school teachers from our partner school, Riddlesdown Collegiate. They prepared two STEM challenges which the children loved! Years 2 – 6 experienced egg dropping, parachute making and helicopter flying! Courtney in Year 3 said “My favourite part of the Science days was when we made parachute for our egg. Most of the classes’ eggs didn’t break! I learned that it’s better to work as a team than on your own and I learned about different forces.” 

We also had an exciting workshop in the hall where children activity participated in over 10 forces activities. This helped them to think about the friction, pulling, pushing and twisted which all impacted the way they could complete each activity. Emma form year 6 taking part in the ball dropping activity, “I don’t think the heavier one does go down faster because gravity pulls them both down the same.” Holly in year 5 taking part in the pea and straw activity. “We’re using the pulling force to move the peas.”

A fantastic time all round for the children! I would like to thank all the parent volunteers, the PTA members, teachers and the governors who helped to run the work shops across the two days. A special thanks to Dawn Martin and Mr Parratt for all your hard work.

Mrs Collins