The Eco Team took an exciting trip to Squires to learn about how to grow potatoes and how they are turned into chips! Our first trip included planting our potato seeds and preparing our pots ready for growing. The children took the pots home and have been watering, caring and even singing to them to help them grow new potatoes! 6 weeks later, our Eco Team had managed to create an abundance of potatoes and were excited to show Squires what they have produced. 
So, on Tuesday 18th June we made our trip back to squires to learn about how our produce can be washed, peeled, cut and cooked into a delicious meal! Can you tell how much we enjoyed it?
Thank you Squires for a brilliant trip where we learnt so much about where our food comes from. Thank you also to Mrs Newell and Chris Crunden for all your help! 
Mrs Collins and the Eco Team