On the 26th of April, nine of our Year 7 students and 49 of our Year 8 students took part in the Junior UKMT Mathematics Challenge.

The Challenge comprised of 25 problem solving-style questions worth 5 marks each, with the questions becoming progressively more challenging towards the end; calculators were not allowed. Students have the possibility of obtaining a Gold, Silver or Bronze award depending on their score.

I am very pleased and proud to announce that two students in year 7 achieved the Silver Award and three students achieved Bronze Award. Furthermore, eight students in year 8 achieved a Silver Award, one student achieved Silver Award (Best In School) and 18 students achieved Bronze Award in this years’ Junior Maths Challenge.

In year 7, the students who achieved the Silver Award are: Javan Li (7M2/Ma1) achieving 68 marks and Libby Norris (7M2/Ma1) achieving 69 marks (best in the year).

In year, 8 the students who achieved the Gold Award are: Noah Hudson-Oyelekan (8M1/Ma1) achieving 87 marks and Lara Hussain (8m2/Ma1) achieving highest mark of 88 (best in the school).