On March 8th, Quest Academy Year 9 students were invited to the Selhurst Depot to experience how women are changing the STEM industry.

During this empowering excursion, students delved into the world of transportation and engineering, exploring the pivotal roles women play in these industries. The girls got an insight into the avenues they could take in the engineering world and how important it is for women to start taking part in STEM.

From insightful workshops such as a tour of the depot, to seeing how trains are taken apart (we learnt that these were called boogies), learning about the different train types all led by female leaders, to hands-on activities, it was a well-rounded experience for the students.

The students were also given tote bags of goodies to take home, they got to keep their orange high-vis jackets, and they enjoyed an amazing buffet of all-you-can-eat pizza.

The company has expressed how much they loved having the students from Quest at their company and said, “They were the best school group we ever had; all very respectful and interested in the event”.

The students really enjoyed themselves and asked great questions. Some of their feedback is below:

Savannah said, “I really enjoyed this trip, I want to find out how I can do an apprenticeship here”.

Nene said, “This was the best trip ever! We got free advice on our futures, got to tour the train depot and got an amazing experience.”