The atmosphere of excitement on the morning of Academy Day was palpable among the Go-Karting cohort, and after a brief wait followed by an epic journey involving a tram and two trains, we finally arrived on-site at the track.

Once our first racers had received their safety briefing, I joined the buzzing crowd of other spectators all gathered by the side-lines all desperately excited for the opportunity of a good view to see their friends compete alongside none other than their Year 10 Achievement Co-Ordinator, Miss Southworth.

There were some tense moments involving near misses as the karts whizzed around the track, but as the flag waved to indicate the return to the pit, a wave of relief washed over us all that only minor collisions had occurred. So excited was one student to set off on his race, that he abandoned the chicken and chips he had ordered from the café so as not to miss the changeover! (The staff were kind enough, once I explained the situation, to keep it warm for him in the oven until he had returned.)

After a long and arduous day of racing, it was finally time to return. There were a few complaints of aches and pains from the time squeezed into small karts, but the overwhelming air among the students and accompanying staff as we set off on the long trip home was of triumph, camaraderie, and the satisfaction of a race well driven.

G Callison