On Wednesday 16th October, 35 students and 4 members of staff arrived at school at 5:15am bleary-eyed but full of excitement as we were off to France for the day!

After a quick coach journey, a ride on the shuttle under the English Channel and another short coach journey, we arrived at our destination: Boulogne-Sur-Mer and more importantly, Nausicáa Aquarium, the biggest aquarium in Europe!

We spent the morning discovering the depths of the five oceans of the world, seeing the smallest anemones, watching the sea lions play and taking multiple selfies with the giant manta ray, the star of the aquarium’s main tank!

When we resurfaced, we popped to chilly Antarctica to visit the penguins and then walked into the centre of Boulogne to find some lunch and have some free time.

Still feeling slightly peckish, we journeyed further South to the Chocolaterie Beussent where we learnt how chocolate makes its way from bean to bar and got to try lots of free samples along the way!

After stocking up with enough chocolate for the journey back home (and hopefully some as presents!), we climbed back on the coach and made our way back to England where we returned tired, but happy after having a fun day in France!

E Thomas