This week, students in Year 11 (Classes 1 to 3) enjoyed their second Masterclass of the year in our wonderful, prestigious @RC Theatre. The Masterclasses focused on encouraging our Year 11 students to foster and refine their own original approach to comparing the fifteen poems they have studied in the AQA English Literature GCSE Anthology. Mrs Grant and Miss Mallie presented the bus analogy as part of the Masterclasses to encourage students think about the poems as snapshots of characters and their standpoints. Students considered how aloof, disconnected or idealised the different speakers are and whether their messages might resonate readily with their poet contemporaries. Students also questioned how relevant as well as how resonant the messages in the poems are in our contemporary 2020 context.   
We look forward to seeing how our students are able to write about the seen poems in an original and confident way in their upcoming exams.