We have recently uploaded a series of inspirational talks onto your Community College Room. From Careers to skill-building, from sharing life experience to building confidence and finding a career path, professionals from a wide-range of sectors share their tips and views on how to guide your career pathway so you are in charge!

Have a look at this week’s week schedule which includes how sport has the ability to impact lives;  how to remove the barriers to developing confidence using music, singing or broadcasting; or even whether the voting age should be lowered to 16 years old. 

Former speakers include Film Directors, Sports Personalities (British eSports, Arsenal Chairman), Life Coaches, Social Media Directors (Facebook, Snapchat), Directors of Associations and Charities…. 

Whichever your inclination, pick a talk and get inspired… Schedule is here and Library here.

Share your VTalk with your Tutor during the weekly call: which did you choose? what did you find out?