We are really pleased to have restarted our Year 8 Conservation activities on Riddlesdown Downs with Matthew, the Site Ranger. Our students have the opportunity to spend a day working with the Site Ranger on their local National Nature Reserve doing all sorts to maintain and promote the biodiversity of this unique habitat. The first students attended this trip in November with 15 keen and enthusiastic students supporting Matthew. Other students will have the opportunity to attend in the coming weeks.

“During the trip, our main focus of the day was clearing space in the woods. We did this by shortening certain trees using loppers. We were working in teams during the process. Although the work was demanding, I enjoyed it because it was a new experience for me. To dispose of the wood and leaves we cut, we lit a fire and stoked it with the leaves. I enjoyed the day as I learnt many new things and I would love to take part in something like this again in the future”.

Written by 2 Year 8 Students

Our students have enjoyed the experience and opportunity so far and we are looking forward to continuing and building upon our work with Matthew throughout the year.