On Wednesday 1st March, Year 7 and 8 students were treated to a roadshow delivered in partnership with BAE Systems, the Royal Airforce, and Royal Navy to celebrate STEM and the links made between the curriculum and job roles within the 3 organisations. The topic this year was ‘From the depths of the oceans to outer space’.

Rasiel 7WGG – “It was really fun. I learnt about things in the water in the sky and in space. I was amazed to learn some rockets are put together using glue and that submarines can go deeper than Mount Everest. It was nice to see how science and maths can lead to jobs in these companies.”

Lucy 7PJW – “I was surprised to learn most people in the RAF are engineers not pilots. I was very interested in the submarines and I learnt all about how many people live in such a tiny space, and realised what it might be like if I was to work on a submarine. I could see links between what I’ve learnt in Chemistry with reactions and Physics too.”

Caleb 8SHY – “I found the communication task hard because the other student found it hard to hear because they were wearing a helmet. I learnt that it’s probably difficult to verbally communicate when people are working in space suits.”