All the way back in September ‘Riddlesdown Young Musician of the Year’ Goes Virtual was launched. In previous years auditions would have taken place ‘live’ within the CPA. However this year, students submitted their entries as recordings and videos. The hope was to have a live final later in 2021 however as with all music making during the pandemic, this has not been able to take place. 

Many entries were received for both performance and composition from all year groups. Well done Phoenix College for the most entries across all Key Stages, especially to our new Year 7 Phoenix students who made up the bulk of these.

It is fantastic that so many of you are still making music during this time and we hope that you continue to practice and compose at home so that you can join us for Music Clubs soon.

We are very proud to announce that this years’ Young Musician Winner is Theodore  Mawanda, 13ALD, College VI for his rendition of Amazing Grace on Bass guitar showing clear technical skill throughout his performance.

Keep playing and composing and we hope that you will all audition again for Riddlesdown Young Musician next year.