As part of National Careers Week, Year 11 students received an assembly from NCS.  After their GCSE’s, students will have the opportunity to take part in a 3 week programme.  Week 1 is where students go to a residential outdoor activity centre, mix with new people and take on new challenges together.  Week 2 is where students have the chance to live like an adult.  They will have to budget for a food shop, answer questions under pressure and present to a room full of people, all whilst living away in university style accommodation.  Week 3 is where students can put their skills to good use in the community and gain valuable work experience through volunteering.  The most you will have to pay is £50.00, however for the next 2 weeks, NCS is offering the programme at a cost of just £30.00 per Riddlesdown student, for the full 3 week programme.  The cost covers 2 weeks accommodation, transport, meals, activities and equipment.  Bursaries are also available and support can be provided for young people with additional needs – students just need to make NCS aware.


If you would like more information, please visit their website:

Students can sign up here:


We hope that lots of our Year 11’s will take advantage of what is a fantastic opportunity this summer.