Over the past three weeks, KS3 students studying French have been completing lots of exciting challenges to earn miles on their virtual Tour du Monde. And what a distance they have travelled! Collectively, they have earned a whopping 1,658,900 miles, which is a fantastic achievement!

Well done to all who have sent us photos and videos  – we have been so impressed with your creativity and willingness to give new things a go. We hope you have enjoyed the challenges and carry on researching France and the French-speaking World.

And now for the winners…

Huge congratulations to Rebecca Harker 8SAG, who travelled the furthest over the three weeks.

Congratulations also to the following students who travelled the furthest each week. Casey and Drew share third place for Week 1

Week 1 winners

1 Rebecca Harker 8SAG

2 Samuel Lines 8SAG

3 Casey Damo   7HHR

4 Drew Allen 7ELH


Week 2 winners

1 Rebecca Harker 8SAG

2 Lyra White 8AKM

3 Kaylynn Cardoso 7SLP


Week 3 winners

1 Millie Harrison   8SAG

2 Chloe Foster   8SAG

3 Maximillian Lorke 8DAB


And further congratulations to the students below who all travelled over 25,000 miles in total and will be invited to a special event when we can get together, hopefully in the Winter term.

Aaminah Bokhari 8DAB

Aaron Damo 9EIC

Amelia willmott   8SRC

Casey Damo 7HHR

Chloe Foster 8SAG

Drew Alen 7ELH

Eloise Sullivan-Flatt 8DAB

Kaylynn Cardoso 7SLP

Lyra White 8AKM

Maximilian Lorke 7DAB

Maxwell Zaiger   8EAP

Millie Harrison 8SAG

Nisha Deb 8EAP

Oliver Handley   7SLP

Rebecca Harker 8SAG

Ria Bhogal 8NMC

William Gray 7HHR

Zain Robinson   7SLP