Click here for Jack Petchey Winners 2020

Jack Petchey Awards are awarded to students throughout the school year who have gone above and beyond, whether it be with their school work, mentoring the younger students, charity work or helping people in the wider community outside of school.

The awards from March to June 2020 were awarded to students who during the lockdown period helped within their wider community and used their time away from home schooling to make and deliver care packages for NHS staff, care homes and also for their neighbours who could not leave their home to go shopping.

Thomas and Henry Cotton, as well as the care packages helped their dad to plan and arrange a VE Day Celebration street party for all their neighbours. They collected and painting stones for a memorial garden at their local care home. Their parents are keyworkers and they ensured that they returned to a tidy home by doing the chores so that their parents did not have to.

Rochelle Burke not only made care packages, but coloured over 100 pictures of “Hope” to go in every package. Rochelle continued to do her school work from the local church hall every day whilst building work in her home came to a standstill. She also taught herself guitar from watching You Tube videos, set up a website to teach maths for Key Stage 1 and wrote her own stories.

Louis Cook has excelled in his school work and made a video for Miss Jones to show to the New Year 7 intake ready for September. He bought chickens and has cared for them and given eggs away to friends and neighbours, which everyone knows, eggs were hard to find in the shops for the first few weeks.

These are just some of the many reasons why students won an award.

Certificates would normally be given out in the College Assembly, but were sent home to be awarded by their parents.

I think you can agree that all the students who have received a Jack Petchey Award this school year have all gone “The Extra  Mile”