On Wednesday 13th October, Year 9 students took part in an Inspiring Diversity Careers Chat with several employees who work for Amazon Web Services, Bank of America, International French bank BNP Paribas and the Maritime Sector.

Students gained an insight into different sectors and learnt about a range of exciting jobs from volunteers who came from different backgrounds and walks of life.  Students were able to ask the speakers questions over Microsoft Teams as well as take part in mini quizzes throughout.

After the event students said:

“I really enjoyed this session as I learnt about the purpose of some jobs and the jobs you can get inside a big company. I thought it was really helpful when they talked about what experience is needed for each job. As I know what I would need to focus on in order to be successful in gaining a job such as these. I also liked being able to ask questions and I have a much better understanding of what its like working for a big company.

Grace  (9MEW)

I really enjoyed listening to the virtual careers call because it was extremely interesting. It explained how you must have a happy, relaxing, and enjoyable work environment to produce the best work. Another reason why it was informative was because I learnt about jobs I didn’t know much about. The call inspired me to take a more proactive approach with my career.

Esme  (9BP)

I liked the interactive part of the session as we got to work as a class to get answers to the quiz questions. I learnt lots of new things and found out more about the jobs and routes you can take with your life.

Charlotte  (9VMA)