For the first time ever, Riddlesdown Collegiate will be running the Galactic Challenge on Saturday 23rd March, from 9am-3.30pm. The challenge It is the Year 2060. Each participating primary school will work in a team of 12 students who will be split up in 4 sub teams, which will be working to design a solution to a specific brief, as the population relocates to Mars. Each team will be assigned with its own UKSDC team members on hand to support and guide the pupils. This will be a fast-paced and fun day of team-building, problem solving, and academically stretching experiences, culminating in team presentations. A teacher from each school will also attend. If you are interested, please email before the 11th February 2019. Additional information can be obtained on the Galactic Challenge website, This is an incredible opportunity for any pupil, and could inspire your students to become the engineers, scientists, architects, and leaders of the future!