As part of Riddlesdown’s Computing Department’s collection of STEM events, we are delighted to announce that we will be running another Galactic Challenge competition with a brand-new brief. We are inviting Year 7 students and Year 5+6 students from local Primary schools to take part in the challenge which will be held at:

Riddlesdown Collegiate on Saturday 21st March 2020, 9am -3.30pm

The Mission

It is the Year 2069. To celebrate the anniversary of Apollo 11 mission, which took place in July 1969, the Foundation Society has announced the construction of Armstrong, a resort on the Moon’s surface. The resort will mark the centenary of humans reaching the Moon. “On 21st July 1969 humans took their first step on another world,” said Mr Smith. “One hundred years later, on 21st July 2069, humanity will return to the same spot – this time permanently”.

Each school needs to bring in a team of 12 students, who will be split up in 4 sub teams, each working to design the first TOURIST RESORT on the surface of the Moon.  Each team will be assigned with our own UKSDC team members on hand to support and guide the preparation of the pitch.

To join, email or talk to your Primary school before Friday 14th February.