Year 11 students enjoyed two exciting and inspiring Masterclasses this week on The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Miss Yasmin Williams delivered an in depth lecture on fin de siècle and how this shaped Stevenson’s novel in 1886 to students in 11px1, 11px2 and 11px3 which were really well received. Miss Williams  also shared her undergraduate essay on this topic with the students who we are certain will excel and revel in the opportunity to use these challenging insights in their own writing on the novel. What a treat for our Year 11s!

In Aquila and Orion, 11ao1, 11ao2 and 11ao3 students heard all about how the novel can be read with a feminist viewpoint and how through the absence of women, Stevenson is depicting how society can implode and can become a truly frightening metropolis full of effeminised men and absent women. Mrs Bruce and Miss Mallie delivered this truly original Masterclass which also encompassed and explored Jekyll giving birth to Hyde, a doubling of the self and homoeroticism in 1886.

Well done Year 11 for listening and engaging so well in these Masterclasses we are really looking forward to reading about how you will incorporate these original interpretations when you write ab out the text.

A special thanks to Mrs Bruce and Miss Williams for all their hard work  in preparing and delivering such high calibre Masterclasses with me in the @RC Theatre.

Miss Mallie