On Monday the 24th of June I was lucky enough to take part in a BBC 5 Live interview about the upcoming election.

The unexpected immediacy of this election has gathered a great deal of debate on a multitude of issues, and so the BBC were intrigued as to what first time voters prioritised and what we thought about the campaigns so far.

We discussed some local priorities as well as more national challenges such as the economy, house prices and the extension of the franchise to 16 and 17 year olds. I believe that conversations like these are vital to the democratic process and that it’s especially important that young people are invited to participate in them, as although it sometimes seems like many are left underrepresented or apathetic, politics has a profound impact upon us all – especially with the young voters who will be the country’s future.

As a result, I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to talk about these pressing concerns and I look forward to seeing not only the rest of this exciting election campaign, but also greater youth participation in Croydon in the future!

You can listen to the debate at THIS LINK (from 2:44:30).