Year 9 students participated in enrichment week recently in which provided them with key life skills such as team building and creative thinking. Tutor Groups 9JRS and 9HCB participated in an immersive Dragons Den lesson in which they created and innovated products.

In 9HCB, students designed a lunch box in which they were free to design and create however they wanted by the help of Miss Johnson. The students described their experiences as “super fun” and another saying it was “great for team building”.

In Mr Sach’s tutor, students participated in a range of activities such as designing clothes and making videos across a range of multimedia platforms. Students enjoyed the Dragons Den talk and said that they were “engaging tasks”. One creative student had designed a vending machine for stationery!

Overall, the Dragons Den enrichment was a great fun way for students to let their creativity flow, whilst being educated about businesses in the real world.

– Momina 12FT