On Monday 28th January, students from Riddlesdown Collegiate had the opportunity to visit Croydon Town Hall and participate in the Croydon Holocaust Memorial Day Civic Event. Four students from Orion College wrote poems and reflections of their thoughts and feelings on this year’s theme: “Torn from Home”.

The event began with a formal candle lighting by the Mayor of Croydon, along with the signing of a Book of Remembrance; which students were able to sign on behalf of the collegiate. This was followed by a civic service where Alice Beagley, 9JKB, Maddie Browne, 9NCC, Emily Graves, 9NCC and Charlie Turner, 9RME, contributed by reading their speeches to guests that included, The Worshipful the Mayor of Croydon, Councillor Bernadette Khan, and Rwandan genocide survivor, Chantal Uwamahoro.

Year 9 students had studied the Holocaust as part of their RE curriculum, over the Autumn Term, and this was an ideal opportunity to both share their learning with the wider community and to represent the collegiate at this important commemorative event.

Melina Gillam, Director of RE