Theo writes ….

I was very fortunate to be invited to attend the Composer’s Club at the Royal Academy of Music which was held over two Sundays.

On the first Sunday morning we were all introduced to the four tutors, four performers and other students, with the performers giving a demonstration of their instruments. We then looked at different ways of notating music, such as using diagrams or instructions. Our first task was to work in groups of three, as well as with a tutor and instrumentalist, to compose a short solo piece for one of the instruments using alternative notation methods.

In the afternoon we heard each of these solo compositions before looking at duet writing. We looked at how composers get the two instruments to interact with each other. Our next task was to write a duet for either the Clarinet and Trumpet or the Flute and Cello, for the next Sunday session in two weeks.

The second Sunday began with each of the students talking about how they had approached writing their composition and a brief description of it. We then each had about 20 minutes to go through our pieces with the performers and the tutors to make any minor changes and improvements. All their comments were really helpful and made the piece sound exactly as we had each desired. In the afternoon we got to hear all of our compositions performed, which sounds much better than hearing them played back on Sibelius!

It was a really great experience which has helped me gain lots of ideas for composition and the confidence to share them. We all had an amazing time making music!