On Thursday 31st January Year 2 went on an interesting school trip to Bromley Reform Synagogue. We had a fun morning finding out all about Judaism and loved having the opportunity to see the Torah scrolls in real life! We found out about how Friday evenings are spent in Jewish homes and the celebration of Shabbat. ​We had been learning the story of Moses in our classroom so we enjoyed sharing our knowledge and retelling The Passover story. We were able to use the items on the Sedar plate to help us.

“It was an interesting trip because we found out that the Jewish people say to prayers to bless their food and drink” Ava

“We found out that the scrolls are written in Hebrew. It was difficult for us to read!” Emily

“I liked seeing the scrolls because they were decorated beautifully but weren’t allowed to touch them because they are very special. You have to use a Yad” Miya