This term we were lucky enough to be able to experience a live music assembly by Rocksteady. This was very exciting for the children, who were able to experience the instruments which they see their favourite artist playing. These were played by our band leader Jack, who was representing Rocksteady in the assembly.

The children were amazed at the different sounds that each instrument could produce and it really was a joy to watch them all ‘rocking out’ to their favourite instruments!

Gradually, as the assembly went on some lucky children were selected to come and play the different instruments, under the careful eye of Jack. This was great as the children had to work together, stay in rhythm and temp with one another in order for it to sound good.

The children then chose the song Old Town Road, which they learned to play on the instruments and then performed while the rest of the children sang.

Great fun was had by everyone and we all left the assembly on a real high!

Since then the children have all been involved in workshops with Rocksteady, where they have been able to work in smaller groups allowing more of them to have a chance to use the instruments and sign up for music lessons.