During the recent Year 6 Whitgift week, the class travelled to and from Whitgift school on the local buses.

We were delighted to hear from a 73 year old gentleman who was travelling on the bus with Year 6, on their return from Whitgift on Wednesday afternoon. He wanted to pass on how impressed he was with the behaviour and manner of the children in the class. He was on his way back from Croydon, already on the bus when they boarded. A child sat next to him and others stood, all the children were sensible and polite during the journey. He said that when he pressed the bell, the child next to him stood up to let him off without him even asking.

He worked for years in Lambeth on the buses, running school routes and he wanted to say that in his whole working career on the buses, he has never seen more well-behaved children.

Well done to year 6 for demonstrating such excellent behaviour while representing Courtwood in the local community!