An Exceptional Education For All

The Collegiate Trust exists to improve education in Croydon, Crawley and the surrounding areas for children and young people up to the age of 19. We are building a partnership of academies for all ages which will work collaboratively to deliver Exceptional Education For All.

The work of The Collegiate Trust is informed by our core values:
Ambition    Collaboration

Leading to:
Achievement    Enjoyment

A Balanced Approach to Learning

Such an education values and delivers wonderful academic learning and progress, but puts right alongside this the development of wider skills and qualities that come through a balanced focus on creative, cultural and active learning; it is driven by strong Local Governing Bodies in each academy, expert Principals and well developed and supported teams of teaching and other staff. The successful learners developed by our schools become confident individuals and responsible citizens in our modern British society.

Latest News

Year 2 Great Fire of London Topic

“We travelled back in time to 1666. First, we role played the Great Fire of London by exploding houses and putting water on the sizzling fire. Next, we used burnt charcoal to draw higgeldy – piggeldy Tudor houses. After that we made cardboard houses using paper to wrap it in. Finally, we destroyed all Tudor…

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Fire & Rescue Service Visit

In school we not only practice our fire drills we learn about services that help us and keep us safe. Lower School recently enjoyed a visit from the Fire Brigade!  “Last Thursday we looked at the fire fighters strong, important equipment that they use in emergencies. We had a tour around the engine. Year 2…

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Young Ambassors for the Mayor of Croydon

Students from Year 13 represented Riddlesdown Collegiate at a meeting of Young Ambassadors at Croydon Town Hall.  The students met with Councillor Humayun Kabir, Mayor of Croydon, to discuss fundraising ideas in order to support his five chosen charities.  The charities have been selected as they reflect the diversity of Croydon: Mind in Croydon, which…

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